Hours of Operation

Café Joël is open Monday through Friday - 8:30AM to 3:00PM
Our Professional Catering Services are available at all times.

 To Order
Call 415.883.3797

                                   Your Friendliest Neighborhood Eatery
                            Hankering for a burger? Try one of ours
                            In a rush? Give us a call and we’ll have it waiting for you
                            In your pajamas? Drive to the cafe and we’ll bring it curbside
                            Car doesn’t work? We deliver
                            Don’t like burgers? Try our plump and juicy chicken breast
                            Don’t eat meat? Try our anasazi bean or veggie burger
                            Don’t want to cook? Give us a call! 415.883.3797

Café Joël
Hangar 6, Suite #100, Hamilton Landing
Old Hamilton Field Air Force Base
Novato, CA  94949
Phone: (415) 883.3797
Fax: (415) 883.3758